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Recycling- local, residential
-100% of your garbage is recyclable. Check recycling codes and recycle.
All plastics and papers can be chipped and sorted accordingly, check label for codes.
Paper is normally sorted in 5 different types:
1. White, colored writing paper
2. Milk carton boxes
3. Brown paper bags
4. Heavy duty brown
5. Cardboard
6. Newspaper
7. Magazine
U.S. codes for plastic are 1-7
3. PVC
5. PP
6. PS
7. Other
There are also waxed paper, foil backed paper and other types that can also be recycled.

Paper-colored writing paper, milk carton, cardboard, heavy paper (construction paper), magazine or high-gloss paper, white paper. These sould be separated and recycled properly, if there is no proper recyler in your area start a community box and find buyers online under the recyclable materials buyers heading.
The metals are recyclable- Aluminum, steel, tin cans, iron, lead, copper, bronze, gold and silver are recyclable and should be separated and recycled properly.

Product integrity and alternative materials utilization.
Alternative materials enhance the market and provide alternate opportunities for buyer and builder. Overused materials (cotton) use too much land space, alternatives like hemp or jute grow fast and dense without pesticides or as much water, find your own alternatives and create your opportunity, create your own system.

Nature preservation.

Natural clothing.
Natural colors are best for to wear around animals and natural dyes (herbal dye, vegetable dye) are sustainable and safe. Herbal dyes. Choose colors that are not bright (small flower colors) and wear accordingly possibly at appropriate times of day (black or dark at night) (lighters colors during the day) These colors don't scare animals. Colors to choose: brown, black, white, beige, natural green.

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