Environmental viewpoint
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Organic gardening
Environmental lifeskills
End of the world
Individual is supreme
Sustainable energy design ethics

Earthships & Yurts

Earthships utilize recycled material, bad. These houses are a outstanding idea but should
use bio-degradable materials, they are a toxic waste mess of bacteria and chemical compounds,
even the glass used could be broken down a returned to original source area. The poeple must keep
in mind what kind of land we are building for the children, not a trash heap that won't
bio-degrade for a long time. New earthship design must utilize bio-degradable materials.
Yurts are portable canvas wood shelters. Their light weight, flexibilty and light "footprint"
on the land makes them a good choice for environmentalists and vital building technique
for new world order. Yurts are good mobile shelters for touring poeples. These yurts make a
great portable temporary shelter for healing or short stay biodegrade enough to be a reminder
of historical integrity. Yurts are adequate shelters and permanent "structures" for all earth
built with sustainable, bio-degradable, materials, foundation, etc.,.

Alternative "forest concept" building, "integrating" natural surroundings,
providing wild animal access to roofs and yard. Using natural color and building material. Yurts
integrate with surroundings, utilizing land for animal access and are good mobile shelters
for touring poeples. These yurts make a great portable temporary shelter and rudimentary
environmentally-friendly homes. Alternative Building forest "concept" building integrity
integrating surroundings providing wild animal access to roofs and yard. Using natural
color and building material. Sod roofing and primitive techniques.

End of the auto industry

As the fossil fuel age ends, poeple are starting to ponder how the poeple will get around. Bicycle popularity is always increasing, walking keeps you in good shape and also burns off toxins built up in the system. Long treks enlight and refine the individual. Do the poeple even need fossil fueled vehicles? Obviously delivery and transported goods need new outlets such as local community resources. If walking doesn't satisfy, human powered carts are good and solar powered carts are good options. Poeple ought to take a close look at their present needs and willingness to change their lifestyles to see if they really need cars or they are willing to destroy the planet, choke the air they breathe, and blindly sacrifice a "real" earth and natural pathways towards a sustainable planet for their vehicles. The environmental impact not to mention the pyschological impact of just the highways by themselves have is ugly, poisonous, inefficient, over-built and out of control. Poeple are less patient and are artifically "queued" by the unnaturally fast way they are moved by cars. Imagine a human traveling 55 MPH without the car (in the same sitting position and so forth), it is not a natural thing. Cars are taken for granted, driver over-confidence is artificially high resulting in less caring poeple and more accidents. As cars become less and less prevalent, communities will naturally become more closely knit as walking to places is easier when villages are designed with respect to walking distance. Loading groceries and supplies is done with village "rickshaws" or baskets, transportation by foot or human-powered carriages. Village to village transportation by trails or exploration on foot or bicycle. Let me remind you that this is only a comparison, not a judgeable average and view to what could be or what is society "norm" and therefore "acceptable".

Americans are a proud, caring, intense and hard working poeple with strong beliefs in the ability of "everyone" and the heart to back them up. They do lack the insight to realize the importance of our environment and the environmentalists that do must be more driven to get things done than to make intelligent based decisions and instead consider sit-ins and strikes for community issues like safe food, sustainable energy and design, localized development, alternative energy and NO new fossil fuel powered power plants. They absolutely must not accept ANY compromises like "fuel cell cars" or "fuel cell cogeneration" and must remember that they (the young adults 25-35) have the power to recreate "Grass Roots" government, city based localized development and control the country. Any compromises like these ("fuel cell" or "hydrogen") is unnecessary costs precious time and money. But immaturity and hasty decisions will ruin the nation.

Health and the Environment

Do you ever see poeple walking around to get stuff done anymore? What a joke it is that poeple use their cars for a trip to the store only .5 miles away. Some cultures exist where everyone walks while cars are used mainly for long trips. Overusage for frivilous activity and lack of independence are both factors in the overusage of automobiles. Sustainable options to haul materials are easily rectified with use of hand carts, human-powered machines, individual effort and unified community basics.

Genetic Modification

Genetic modification changes species origin and wrecks ecosystems. Creating plants and animals with traits such as growing larger or in extreme conditions ruins historical integrity and changes nature forever. The sooner these practices are stopped the sooner we begin to truly live on a sustainable planet. Genetic modification could kill all life on earth. It kills plant origination and natural balance. Good farming or gardening is the obvious answer to insect-prone species. GMO is quite possibly the death of nature and humankind if not controlled before animals and humans are cloned.

Bio-degradable Sustainability

In today's society we have so much waste that our trash creates huge scars on the landscape. Landfills take up millions of square miles of land and attracts insects and wild birds which risk poisoning. Landfills unnatural biodegradation makes permanent bacteria infested messes, kills animals and scars entire regions. These landfills will have to be dug up, all material separated and broken down chemically and bio-degraded NATURALLY to ensure a sustainable environment.

Creating bio-degradable products lessen environmental impact and creates an even flow of degradable material. Products that bio-degrade quickly (coffee cup-20 minutes) are the key to sustainable information. Vegetable-based bio-degradable utensils and products are one answer to natural product bases.

Taking off the top

Harvesting of our planet includes taking grains, fruits and vegetables including localized sustainable building materials grown locally. We envision a society where we won't need to slaughter animals for food and "taking off the top, grim-reaper style" puts into perspective the beauty and fragile nature of the land. This is the sustainable answer when considering growing your own food, building products and moderating precious stones and metals. Individual restraint and reserve is the forefront for to a united new world order and individualist supremacy. So go ahead and get out the chainsaw and build yourself an earthship, but keep in mind you are only "taking off the top" and land is very precious and not to be taken for granted. Don't buy the idea that you are "killing vegetables", truly this is the failure of a sustainable society and a tool used by immature fascists to convince there is not a good enough reason to stop killing animals. All our animals have brains, the power of some sort of thought, this is an unbelieveable attribute. To say that and think that animals do not have the power of evolution and therefore eat meat is hypocritical, vampirish and a death of possible life. Let me remind you there are no such thing as extremists, we all have to live together, extremist is just a word used to describe someone with dreams that hasn't yet expressed themselves in a way which has been workable in society.

As an individual we must secure gradual survival skills (ability to make clothing, shoes, food, etc.,.) or risk death when without shelter and property.
End of lighting-
Residential & commercial lighting could be nearly completely eliminated utilizing LED lighting, different colors, and eliminating bright, unnecessary lighting. This will ease poeple's eyes, create a more modern atmosphere with class and will not scare away animals. Small white and colored LED lights and soft ground lighting is the best way to utilize natural lighting techniques.

Sustainable production

We live in a society reliant on dependability. Our thirst for over-built products has left us with junkyards full of huge amounts decaying cess. Most of this "trash" won't decay for at least quite possibly 100 years and some of it will never (if not collected and re-bio-degraded correctly) back to natural origins. We should strive to build a society which not only builds with natural materials products made by hand but which also puts sustainable integrity into product design whether it's made by hand, bio-degradability, 100% natural (no chemical compounds), a design that is timeless, etc.,.

Answers for breaking down overused chemical compound petroleum developed materials is lacking in the business marketplace, solutions that break down compounds to natural origins, save landfills from unbio-degradability and provide insight to natural product options are essential to the revitalization of the planet.

Overusage of metals has not only "raped" the earth but also has undermined it's precious integrity and harmony. Millions of tons of new metals are ripped from the Earth's core every year, leaving monstrous holes and creating toxic ponds to breed destroyed animals.

Raping the sound

"Raping the sound"=intentional attachment of sounds or frequency waves through natural environment or surroundings. This is similar to genocide of nature, "raping" our own being through free-energy, trespass of the human aura, environment and way of life. This "raping" of resonance robs realness from nature and everything in the surrounding area. This only belies the fear in the person to believe in the natural beauty in our own humanity, faith in the human spirit and all living things. We have the ability to create integrity through building on our own, quite possibly the greatest asset in the world. Great restraint and righteousness should be utilized to remedy natures "catastrophes" and grow to a world free to experience nature and life free from "unnatural frequency" or "controlled nature". Only then will we realize and experience our true nature and beauty of our existence and the freedom we can realize.

Empowerment of the individual

Empowerment of the individual is most important to create separation of the individual within society and live in harmony together. Not only does individual empowerment create space between poeple, it also creates natural separation and freedom for individual expression. The individual is granted freedom to self-empower themselves, or realistically look within themselves for what they really want, with a worldly (all poeple involved) perspective in mind and put themselves in a mode how to express themselves in the most direct, short(point to point, sincere-direct-truth-concept) manner (there is a lot of poeple on earth to think about) or thought out manner without. Poeple tend too much to "throw" themselves out or "bleed" expect others to understand their feelings, if the individual can look within themselves to honestly come to grips with what they can do themselves, without expectance on the part of another person is the truest from of human communication and works through positive motion to freed ability. Thinking things through without relying on others creates individualism and exaltation of a human and tempers the human mind to get through any situation. Personal empowerment tempers the individual to not only express oneself better but also creates natural harmony in a community.

There is no future right now, all we have is what exists now. The more we secure a sustainable, renewable, organic livelyhood, the more we live to love.

Harmony in nature

Natural energies exist everywhere. Harmony in nature exists solely because of these energies and natural forces. Sustainable practices preserve these energies, have better environmental impact and exist as "pillars" of natural building techniques and as well as provide pathways to constructing livable world communities, when I say world communities it does not lessen the fact that it is a community (cozy, close), and also harnesses the fact that type of harmony is a possibility everywhere on our planet.

Magnetic resonance in medicine undermines environmental integrity, kills environmental quality, influences animal motion the unnatural way, and also effects balance of animals and homosapiens in energies and wave-forms in usable region and surrounding area, if magnetic energy is an "implied" or magnetized energy (and so assumes traits of electro-magnetic pole energy) it could be just one "on the whole" and not usable as a medicinal tool.

Air pollution

Do we even have air anymore? It's seems we are bombarded with enough signals tv/radio waves, internet signals, satellite signals, and cellular waves that the air we breathe is nearly poisonous. Insulated underground hard wiring is the best way to safely use these waves that contain any number of harmful toxins and be misused to hurt humans, animals and the environment. Hard wiring could consist (quite possibly) of light wire made from of bio-degradable plastic or glass encased in resin compound coating or insulation. Such light wire would be very well insulated, capable of excellent transmission, and not even capable of leaking transmission waves within the surrounding radial inch, be buried 8 ft or so underground for best resonance.

Continents could be connected by communication lines but don't necessarily have to be. Natural pathways such as bridging the bering strait would link most of the large continents together. Separation from other continents could also serve well as security and separateness for individualized countries that don't want industrialization or unnatural frequency-based waves. Poeple don't put off signals, some of these are forms of frequency (radio, TV, free radical frequency waves). Being naturally based, we must use disciplinary natural communication which stemmed from our environment itself and the ability to communicate normally. These things we call "vibes" are a some of the time unnatural frequency we think we are in tune with (wer'e wired!) and when the curtain falls we just might realize why this wired energy we crave has left us without any individuality, =zombies, possessed with the best in everything and used like dummies instead of thinking things through with everybody in mind instead of using our social controls or what seems best and what were used to doing through our learning of poeple in school and better yet use our tempering to be more direct and honestly ourselves.
This "wiredness" is unnatural and could be considered "alien" or unnatural and possibly retarding the individuals experience and the entire environment.
We are often "possessed" or "enchanted" with what we might gain out of the power of unnatural frequency and assume that what we see around us is part of what we did or created instead of thinking that what we don't see around us (could be anywhere, you might not have any idea whatsoever!) is something we migth been responsible for but to leave it alone instead of hunting it down and "killing" it by finding it. The world is a mysterious place, it always should and will be, don't kill it's mystery out of haste, impatience and greed. All humans are empowered with the ability to live, strive, and survive not only to seek enlightenment but also to follow their spirit and find what is important to them, seek harmony with nature and evolve. Seek what is good without looking for reward, reward will show itself will sincerity and hard work, willpower and perseverance and other stuff.

Marijuana and sustainable society-the immaturity issue

See Marijuana as a plant that has been raped because of lack of insight to alternatives and weakness to put integrity into herbal medicine. Immaturity and confusion over marijuana dooms the hemp industry and the herbal medicine industry of it's integrity. Medicinal Marijuana is a joke and a farce as an herbal medicine created from immature poeple who lack the insight to positive outlet for sustainable alternatives. Caused by potsmokers who lack the intelligence to use the law but instead propose to bend the law to do drugs. This is creating a bad name for possible herbal use for marijuana and not only the hemp industry but the usable herbal medicine industry as well. The "false" integrity this could cause might trap Cannabis Sativa into not only a "this was given for the poeple by a "god" to use" category therefore sacrificing the natural reality that once existed for it and assuming a perfectly natural plant ought to be "controlled" or "regulated " by some "deity" because it was "understood" by the individual is sacrificing that persons ability to create some real basics on their own and as well could be some sort of alien frequency. Marijuana smokers are wasting their lives.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is one way to add immeasurable integrity to a healthy lifestyle. I recently beat a bad sinus infection with Echinacea and Vitmain C. I beat another stomach virus too. Find a book and read what herbs are good. Some herbal "lore" is just fiction not good information so be aware of the source. Herbal medicine and basic medical practice or "home medicine" is all we can use to survive sustainably.

Environment absolutes
The "hunt" is the wildness of nature. It livens the air we breathe, makes us feel alive, energizes our spirit. It is nature, period.

There is no god when the individual is supreme. See god as a greedy person for no other reason than clarify where we are wrong therefore stripping the individual of integrity natural ability. See god as possibly making dead ends for poeple who could be doing it on their own and religion as demanding respect for tradition that is misused when forcefulness is used becuase options are not obvious. Life is precious, we take many things for granted, we should not, we lack empowerment in real things. Little things that we look at as everyday happenings shouldn't be so. The word "God" brings a great amount of logical concentration on the part of the individual and importance which is critically important to when directed upon someone. Words are very important and should be used with the individuals complete intent. These words are not a "luck machine", this is not a "liars ransom". You only get one life, so creating what you seek as important for the Earth is imperative. Life is not a "romantic army of fools", if so great hollows would exist in time never satisfied by real, down to earth integrity, survival and self-conciousness.
Only the individual has the right to make decisions and experience life on their own, a unbelievable personal ability no-one else is capable of, so respect is important because when it is mis-used it is lost. There is no such thing as spirit, only confusion.

Honest, motivated individuals who seek a sustainable planet, preserve nature, seek enlightenment, grow along with our children, quit your jobs and hit the road, learn how much we have to lose and what we need to survive. And create a new world seeking to eliminate corporate greed and bring to life the joy for what we have.

I cannot help anyone find enlightenment, I cannot answer a million questions, journey, bicycle tour, visit foreign places and understand different societies. Give poeple the benefit of the doubt. There is no superhuman and you can't be a perfect human, just a simple one, the common man. Exercise more than think you should, because our brains only as fast as our bodies, functionally. Everyone is different, find your own peace with what works
in society.

Sustainable building

Sustainable building techniques involve using local sustainable materials, building with the sun as a light and heat source, using nature preservation techniques (wood jack leg fences, covering outdoor food sources (garden, compost) making room for animals to enter and exit with many exit opportunities-animal access) passive lighting, passive heating and cooling, using residential sustainable energy. Utilizing LED lighting, energy efficient areators and showerheads, it includes post & beam building techniques, passive solar interior walls, skylights and light tubes.

Natural GasResources

Capturing of natural gasses is not good sustainable practice, is unnecessary and breeches environmental harmony. Natural gas is an unnecessary resource and better utilized and much more important as a part of the natural atmosphere than a fuel source. "Gas caps" could be eliminated or limited to sustainable practice levels.

Hemp is a good alternative clothing resource.

The end of the fishing industry. Can you imagine what a fish feels like when it is hooked? The fishing industry will no doubt come to an end one day, the sooner the better. The great pain, hurt, uninsightfulness and effasivesness causes us to grow old, insolent and a listless. The death caused by the takers of animals only serves to make less---whole poeple. Our Earth can not come to life until the killing of innocent animals is stopped. We could preserve nature and animal instinct and the hunt.

Metals have implied or "possible" energy. Mining negatives affects metals so severely that it causes workers to use gloves and try to touch it in the right spot. Soon implied energy could "kill" steel= or make it unusable whatsoever. All things resources have possible energy. These energies exist 100% of the time, and when overmined these energies turn "sour", or hurtfelt, cold and dead. When resources are taken and overused unsustainably, they "killed" somewhat, the part that was natural has been taken.

Natural Dyes

Natural dyes provide alternative natural resources for dyeing clothing material without toxic chemicals. Herbal dyes come from many different plants, have good dyeing capability and preserve environment integrity.

Can you imagine not having one place to step in the world? Hawaii burns trash, 2000 tons a day, Denmark makes land by moving land into the ocean. Can you imagine that one little piece of cardboard might be all you have to live on? Land is precious and if we burn resources we might end up without a place to stand, ever, at all. As we burn resources, we sacrifice material and air-quality. So whilst the night club might seem important for "shallow" social broodings, real life "is like a boulder hitting the champagne glass".

Hardwiring the planet

Hardwiring the internet is the best answer to clean the atmosphere and create and preserve a pollution-free atmosphere. Low-voltage and heavy insulation glass communication wiring.

Hardwiring the phone system is the best answer to clean the atmosphere, create and preserve a pollution-free atmosphere. Low voltage and heavy insulation communication wiring.

Hardwiring television is the best answer to clean the atmosphere, create and preserve a pollution-free atmosphere. Low voltage and heavy insulation wiring. Possibly non-metal communication lines. "Done television", or television already made, done.

Hardwiring the internet so our children will be free to play in safe, pollution-free world. In a world free from negative airwaves, natural clean, safe air.
Hardwiring radio is the best answer to clean the atmosphere create and preserve a pollution-free atmosphere. Low voltage heavy insulated wire eliminates radio waves from Ultra high frequency airwaves.

Capturing "free radical" airwave signals and putting them in a sump eliminates signals from the air and puts them to logical use in hardwired communication lines. It also takes care of pollution problems and creates clean air for our children.

Eliminating the television industry makes poeple get up and live and eliminates lazy, "couch potatoes".

The end is here, there is no reincarnation, you only get one chance at life, it is important and serious, most poeple overlook how significant things are and how important individual thoughtfulness is. Life is special and important, poeple are ignorant when they assume there is second chances. We must utilize what we have to live a special existence and work together as individuals for enlightenment. There is no bad end, only for ignorance (unless it's jokingly on purpose), and that is death, pure and simple, no reincarnation, no rememberances, no life in other forms, no-one remembers you, no symbols, no links, no "tokens", no heaven, no spirit, no soul, no impression for poeple to look at, no trace of your past, no "hell", that's it. Heaven is a farce for poeple unwilling to cope with life, look at things realistically and seek what they want from it.