Common man theory
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Conservation management

Organic gardening
Environmental lifeskills
End of the world
Individual is supreme
Sustainable energy design ethics

Green Information Network
4. "green" gardening techniques,
5. "green" energy information,
6. "green" trail building
7. "green" holistic medicine
8. "green" activities and learning
9. "green" transportation and new market products
10. "green" recycling centers
11. "green" workspace, workshops, washhouses
12. "green" shelter options
13. "green" rental or com"house" equipment
14. "green" water & energy efficiency, alternative energy classes or literature

-Separation from everything
-Individual supreme
-Separate but individual properties, poeple without the group only the all that exists
-Individuals, transcendence in society (with respect to surroundings, area and savages, travel opportunity)

Common men

-Ideally the individual reigns supreme, makes for good perspective on real life experience
-No complaints when you have to fend for yourself
-Options to travel, quest, to live self-sufficiency, shun "impish" immature social brooding conduct for what's to live for beyond just what is apparent, secure reality, why are we here on Earth?
It is just one big individualist secured line. An exaltation from learning from poeple, separating from nature and refining technique, practice, methods.

-No wars over social conduct or ---"good vs. evil"--- deception of poeple.
Hype is cheapening. Steer away from belittling, immaturity.
Create separation through passive technique

-Intent of absolute respect for individual space and respect unknown perspective of person.
-Anyone could breakdown what is and forsake the unknown, such things are petty to what could be, only to do it.
--Elimination of public "snooping", any knowledge of the person without direct language.
--Zero control or influence of nature
--Creation of natural "spin", exaltation of Earth.
--Individual opportunity the only freedom at hand.
--Individual equality, less the unecessary evil which they assume.
--Everyone has ability to be industrious independently and explore if they realize, respect universal basics, insight, learn first person wisdom, compassion, honor.
--Mechanical insight for self-sufficiency it's own reward.

Average Human Senses

--The average humans sense of smell is acute, only a few feet depending on air current. Senses are useless unless you can create own.
--The average human sense of hearing is only few hundred feet at best
--The average human sense of eyesight is only a few hundred yards
--Senses are impaired without good lifestyle, taking care of yourself

Community planning
--Group tax, if group undermines the individual, it might be usable to have a group tax, accountability, or a grace collection.

--Vegan Diet--
"Real" Vegan diet consists of-
---No meat, no seafood
---No dairy products
---no salts, chlorides
---No yeast
---No animal derived additives
---No alcohol, liquors
---Nearly impossible with current market

---No "free" fermenting without intent to exclude animals, poeple

Dedication to change the world, just by being individuals.
--Dedication and seriousness, absolute.
--100% Natural Clothing
--100% Natural Food
--100% Handmade Tools, Sports equipment.
--100% Original techniques, "there is a way".

Standard, conservation, criterion
--Overused juices, fruit, vegetables
You can also limit your juice consumption to conform to a standard. Juice from concentrate wastes juices and has little-or-no product integrity. "Lean out" your juice and mix vegetables to achieve efficient amounts. Otherwise you just might find yourself working in the fields.

100% juice is high in embodied energy and costly
100% organic juice is process costly (except when done by hand for yourself)
70% juice is high in embodied energy and process costly
5% juice mixtures are efficient and a good, usable efficient juice drink

***100% juice 40 ounces per week
***70% juice 32 ounces per week
***5% juice 80 ounces per week
***water with juice extracts 32 ounces per week
This is efficient use of juice and adheres to a sustainable level concerning general public including space per fruit equation. We must all consider standards to survive sustainably within our environment.
--These standards are based upon an average human male size in humid, tropical climate. <(Hawaii)>

Separation is a excellent opportunity in life, so many times poeple "stoop" to group together, you can do it on your own, "do-it-yourself", there is simple guidance for basic things, but you make your own way, "never have to answer to anyone", only what you seek is true through these concepts (basic universal techniques, common man theory), anything void of this is false.


Industrial Breakdown
--Road luge
--Mountain bikes
Industrial breakdown.